Sports Equipment @ Decathlon

Ramagya School recognizes the importance of Sports equipment needed by a child to learn, practice and finally excel in the game. Thus we have our Sports Equipment partners in Decathlon- the leading Sports gear manufacturers whose equipment are reasonably priced and durable.

Swimming @ Ramagya Sports Academy

“The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it”-. Woodrow Wilson

Ramagya School can boast of 2 pools. For adults, we have Semi Olympic sized pool and 1 Splash pool for toddlers. Specialized coaches at Ramagya help our students to achieve the desired expertise in swimming. Swimming is an activity offered to our students during their Work Ex Activity period as well. Swimming is one of the best cardio workouts for kids. It is as an exercise for children that helps to enhance their muscle and endurance power, aids digestion and is also a great way to lose weight.

“Ninety percent of hockey is mental and the other half is physical”-Wayne Gretzky

Ramagya school has introduced to its students the national game of India i.e. Hockey. No other school is having hockey as a sport in their list of Sports. Ramagya believes that our students must be aware of our national game. The students are provided training about technicalities of the game and how they can improve upon their skills to excel. Hockey also helps in developing in students’ muscular strength, hand- eye coordination, body coordination and balance, team spirit, communication skills and enhances decision making skills.

[email protected] MSDCA Mahendra Singh Dhoni Cricket Academy

“Like an author a cricketer signs his name in every innings he bats or bowls; indeed for every cricket ball that challenges him on the field”- Harsha Bhogle

Ramagya School provides a platform to young budding cricketers to train and practice cricket as Ramagya grounds serve as a centre for Mahendra Singh Dhoni Cricket Academy. Here training is given not only to Ramagyans but the outsiders also in the age group of 6 and 17 years to chase their dreams and ultimately fulfil them. The young and talented cricketers can practice on the newly laid astro turf pitches to hone their cricketing skills.

Lawn Tennis @ Ramagya Sports Academy

“Tennis is a mental game.everyone is fit, every one hits great forehands and backhands”-Novak Djokovic

Ramagya School has a sprawling campus where Lawn Tennis can be played with panache in its 2 clay courts. The Master trainers ensure that primary school and early-secondary school acquire the necessary lawn tennis skills as it is in this stage that children acquire coordination and complex technical skills and develop their hand-eye coordination, gross motor control (through court movement and ball striking), fine motor control (through finessed drop shots and angled volleys), balance and body coordination, all the while building acceleration, speed, leg strength, agility, and flexibility. Tennis also promotes overall good health in children – improved bone strength and density, and a robust immune system.

Equestrian (Horse riding)@ Ramagya Sports Academy

The horse riding is yet again a sports event that only a few top schools. Ramagya School envisages immense development and the introduction of Horse riding will give to its student a specialized event with specialized coaching and certified coaches. Horse riding develops balance and improve coordination and motor function. Other advantages include strengthening of muscles, reflex acceleration, prevention of muscle cramps, increased joint mobility, boosting the cardiovascular system , improving blood circulation, stimulation of sensory integration, an improved visual perception of space, the development of responsibility, patience and self-discipline, increasing self-confidence.


Football @ The Bhaichung Bhutia Football School

“The ball is round, the game lasts ninety minutes, and everything else is just theory.” – Josef Herberger

The football ground at Ramagya School is all set with the finest of all Astro Turfs available across the globe. Spread over a huge area of lush green serenity, the new AstroTurf at Ramagya School football ground is suited to complement the needs of the players, making play conditions amicable during every season.
Keeping in view the amenities provided at Ramagya School, the Bhaichung Bhutia Football School has stepped up to coach the football enthusiasts at Ramagya School to levels ahead of the beginning.
The Bhaichung Bhutia Football School has a glorious history to produce exceptionally great football players for the country. Bhaichung Bhutia Football Academy is a 4-star rated academy by the AIFF (All India Football Federation) under the academy accreditation program and participates in all (U13, U15 & U18) AIFF Youth Leagues and is the only 4 stars rated academy in north India.
Continuing the flagship of quality sportsmanship, Ramagya School has empanelled with the BBFS to coach the junior and senior kids in the ratio of 1 coach per 10 kids only, thus making no compromise on the quality of football skill which any child could imbibe.

Golf @ Ramagya Sports Academy

“Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character.”- Arnold Palmer

Golf is considered to be a gentlemanly game and Ramagya School has deliberately chosen to access the sports to its students as they learn how to be social in a public setting, interact with people, and to get along with others. Golf has rules, etiquette, and processes. Golf is beneficial for Ramagyans as it teaches our students similarity between life and in golf i.e. if you’re out of bounds you’re penalized. Life’s the same way. One can take shortcuts and/or cheat, but when you’re tested, the shortcuts aren’t there to help you.

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